Friday, June 5, 2009


Living in Brantford, Ontario I feel like there are limited stores that provide food for diabetics. Every kid, teenager and adult loves to indulge and eat a chocolate bar or potato chips. Whatever your craving may be it's hard to find something to enjoy as a diabetic without having to give yourself extra insulin or having to run around the block 100 times in order for it to be okay to eat.

Since I haven't had diabetes very long I can easily recall craving chocolate, running to the corner store and purchasing my a
Caramilk bar which happens to have 64 grams of carbs! Without worrying I would eat this chocolate bar in order to satisfy my craving. Everyone does it whether it be ketchup chips, licorice or chocolate. Now that I have diabetes it doesn't mean that I don't have the same cravings as everyone else does. I simply can't walk up to the fridge on various occasions throughout the day to grab a snack.

Last night it kind of hit me that there needs to be more options. My friend and I were at the mall, and she decided we should get some ice cream. Well,
ice cream has a great amount of carbs so we asked if there was sugar free ice cream. "Yes we have sugar free ice cream!" My face suddenly lit up and I was ready to get a double scoop of vanilla sugar free ice cream, until she said, "It's our only no sugar added ice cream here!" I paused and realized that this ice cream wasn't sugar free, it just had no sugar added! My friend and I left the store and ventured off to various other stores. Shoppers Drug Mart had a small variety of no sugar added chocolates that once you subtracted the fibre and sugar alcohols they were o.k to eat. But I couldn't help but notice that there isn't much available for diabetics and you would think with the thousands and thousands of people living with diabetes there would be more.


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