Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Will Get There

It's amazing to know that only three months ago it was an idea. The idea to create a team for the Walk to Cure Diabetes. The idea took shape as more and more people joined and started collecting pledges. It was amazing at the number of people that were interested in either joining Team KK or pledging a team mate of mine.

As Team KK grew I realized that this was one of my best ideas yet. Not only did it raise tons of money for the JDRF but it also brought my friends and family closer and really educate people about juvenile diabetes. Whether you donated $5 or $500 every penny was appreciated.

One great thing is that I got a chance to be in the newspaper for Team KK. All these opportunities and achievements that never would have happened if it wasn't for Diabetes. Today I received the t-shirts. Twenty-One sapphire blue t-shirts folded neatly in a brown box. I looked at them, thinking, wow this is coming alive, and I can only imagine how fun it's going to be once the walk day is here.

My personal goal of $1000 hasn't been reached yet. I am only $25 away from raising $1000 and I know that I will get there. I never doubted raising money but I never imagined raising so much. It's nice to know that despite money being tight people are still willing to lend a few dollars for Diabetes.

I sincerely want to thank every single person who supported Team KK.


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