Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Can't Let It Get Me Down

"Frustration, Frustration...I can't let it get me down."

Yesterday was my first day back to work after two weeks of doing nothing. It was great, I went in at 7:30 am to work in the Kitchen and I finished at 12:45 but then came back at 2:00 till 5:30. It was nice to be active working with the kids and just being around people.

My sugar levels were decent yesterday, decent not normal. I felt pretty good except a few times I felt a little bit weird, but since I was sort of used to that feeling it didn't really stop me from doing anything. Just take a second to pull myself together and then keep on going.

My needles are hurting, I don't know why but for the past two days my needles are killing me! Twice I have pulled put the needle and I start to bleed. It's beyond annoying and the sting of the needle is enough to make you scream. I have to call my nurse tomorrow and I am going to mention this because I know that I gave myself needles before with less pain than what I am feeling now.

Today I was doing a lot of running around, not really accomplishing much but what the heck! It's nice to just get out and about! I printed off the pictures from the hospital so that I can begin working on my scrapbook. Once that's started I can scan some of the pages to show everyone.

If anyone is wondering why I put that quote of mine up top there, "
frustration, frustration...I can't let it get me down." it's because I've been getting these urges of frustration, if I think too much. I get myself thinking about the annoying needles and pricks, and then I get all gloomy, thinking how much this is going to change everything. But like everyone knows, I am not going to let this bring me down, diabetes is a part of me now, and I will embrace it.


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