Thursday, March 26, 2009

A List of Events

I want to say thank you again to everyone who has reached out and given me feedback, information and encouragement. I want to thank Lauren Walton today because, before this I didn't really know Lauren, besides being good friends with her cousin Brian, and having given me information about Fanshawe a few months ago, we were pretty much strangers. Lauren has given me great inspiration and information regarding Diabetes, and I couldn't have asked for anything more out of a girl that didn't even know me from the next person. It is really appreciated that you take your time to write to me, really thank you.

There are so many people that I could centre out and thank, and since I am writing about everyday I will probably do this the odd time. I do want everyone out there to know that I think you guys are all the best of people. People who can take five minutes of their day just to read about my day, which is not exactly the most exciting of days, but hey!

So Tuesday was a pretty good day, I had an eye appointment which at first I was nervous to attend. The reason being is that I know Diabetes can cause complications of your eyes. When I got there, they did the normal test, and I had before noticed being on insulin that my vision was becoming better. Well that was true, but the one thing that changed was that my eyes were having a harder time focusing, he gave me eye drops that will help with that, it's like a once a year thing. I also was given eye drops because he said my eyes were extremely dry! So I have eye drops for that too. I was given two sets of contacts, first being a lower
prescription for the first two weeks, then a little higher for the next two weeks, then eventually my regular contacts. Apparently my eyes will just go back to the way they were before I had diabetes. No big deal! I have been wearing glasses since grade 7, so I didn't expect anything spec-tacular.

Anyways the real news is about Wednesday! I attended the
JDRF - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Symposium. I asked Clinton to go with me, and he really wanted to go. We got there and the lady, Anne Martin knew me right away and explained to some of the girls that I was recently diagnosed and that they were pleased that for being only diagnosed two weeks that I was already getting involved. There was so much information available at this symposium. First off there were a bunch of sales reps for different pumps/meters/needles etc. so we found out tons of information on those and even got some free stuff, always a plus. Clinton was awesome to have there because he was so interested in all of it, so he thought of all the questions to ask! I was pretty amazed about how caring and interested he was.

After we got to meet all the people we got to listen to a number of speakers, including Dr.
Schatz who informed us about the new research going on, and Chloe Steepe, who has programs directed to young adults, such as myself. There was so much to be learned from every ones story. One story that really touched both Clinton & I was a story about two twin girls, and one of the twins was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just as a baby, and wore an insulin pump. With all the cute cases and designs, her twin sister wanted to wear one too. Not being diagnosed she wore a pump to be just like her sister only to find out a few months later that she too had type 1 diabetes.

One thing I would like to touch on in this note is the Walk to Cure Diabetes in
Brantford. It is not until June 28th but they encouraged us to start planning now. I am going to have my own team and I am hoping I can encourage as many people as I can to come walk with us or at least donate to the JDRF. It is so important to me to raise money for this because this is my future. I want to be as involved as I can, because I feel like it's something that I can really promote. I will give everyone more information about this walk once I register.


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