Monday, March 23, 2009

Diabetes Daycare

Day eight, wow. Time goes by pretty fast when you're keeping busy, and I sure have been keeping busy. Not in the way that I am running around to the gym, or running around with the kids at work, instead I am planning my meals & figuring out when to give myself insulin and sorting out my symptoms.

Today I went to 'Diabetes Daycare' and basically what that is, is a one on one consultation with a Nurse or Dietitian. They go through basic information, remind you of what you've read over a million times and let you talk about how you feel about what's going on and such. My mom went with me, and together I think we could now write a book on Diabetes!

Basically I learned what to do when I get sick such as the flu. Everything changes when you're sick and have diabetes because you need to change your insulin accordingly ALSO people who have the flu tend to not want to eat as much or don't want to eat solid foods, so that would change things as well! Let's just hope I don't get sick and have to worry about this! I got another meter, in case something was to happen to my old one. The meter I got first is pink [ I asked for a pink one] and the second one I got today is green! I also got another meter to test ketones, which are found in your urine or blood ... (ketones are bad!) Another great thing that I got today was a paper about a seminar/workshop that is going on about Diabetes on March 25th! The RSVP date had past but the Nurse, Judy, told me that I could probably call and tell them I was just Diagnosed and they could get me in! SO, I called the lady today and she was such a nice lady and put me on the list as well as Clinton. I had asked Clinton to come with me and he was happy to come. He really is interested in all of this, and I couldn't ask for a better person by my side at this time in my life. So I will be doing that on Wednesday!

I am really excited because it will open so many more doors of information and things to experience. A lot of camps/clubs for type 1 diabetes are related to children under 14, but a young lady named Chloe started a foundation to give more support to people 14 and up. Which is great! I am really excited to get involved with all of this. I never really was apart of a club or sports team or anything like that. So it's kind of nice to be able to go to events/workshops that are directed towards something you're truly an expert about and are familiar with!

My sugar so far hasn't been that bad. The nurse has raised my insulin before meals so that should get it down to normal levels. They still suggest I do not go to the gym this week, but starting at the end of this week I am on call for work! Can't wait to get back!

Today has been great so far, I have had no headaches, stomach aches, dizziness etc. I am making my supper all by myself today since my mom is on nights so that should be fun. For you who don't know about Diabetes I am told to watch my carbs, I am only allowed so many carbs per meal. So I have figured out exactly what I am going to make tonight, and then Clinton is going to enjoy it too.


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