Saturday, March 28, 2009

A New Purse ?

Yesterday was a very busy day because I was creating the event, creating the tiny clip about diabetes and trying to organize a few other things I had in mind. I am really hoping to get North Park involved with some fund raising ! My Nurse from Diabetic Education, was very excited about my idea and even went about giving my email to all her patients that are from North Park! So hopefully one or more are interested in helping me get North Park involved.

As far as my sugar yesterday, it was pretty good. I had a major headache in the morning, so bad that I could barely think straight, but eventually went away. I drove to Cambridge to go shopping with Clinton and I didn't feel any symptoms. One thing about going shopping that was obviously different than before I had Diabetes was that I had to watch the time, no not because the mall was going to close soon [ well that too! ] but because at this point I am on a strict
carb diet, in which I have to have two snacks. I always have my snacks at 10:30 a.m and 8:30 pm So while at the mall, we had to stop and I had to eat the snack that I had packed in my purse.My purse is full! Needles, meter, strips, finger poker, snacks etc. etc. this is a good excuse to get a new purse?


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