Sunday, March 22, 2009


Everything is going well, my sugar is sort-of-kind-of going down, but still is high compared to where the doctor's would like me to be. We figure we need to up my dosage of insulin. I have my, 'diabetes daycare' on Monday and I am looking forward to learning more about this, even though I have read so much and heard so much I feel like an expert already.

It's kind of nice to know so much about a subject. Before this, I had pretty much just general knowledge about things, ya I could tell you how to scrapbook or how to bake cookies but nothing so technical such as Diabetes. So in a way it makes me feel a little smarter and have a little more confidence when talking to people. It's kind of strange.

On Friday March 20th, It had been a week of being diagnosed. Wow, it went by so fast. Yet some of the days sitting at home felt like they dragged on forever. But on Saturday I got to go to Clinton's house, which was so much more fun than when I am alone here. His family is super supportive as well as himself and that makes me feel so much more comfortable about this situation. I must add that I feel like I total pain in the butt when I am there and I know I will feel like a total pain in the butt everywhere I go for awhile. I feel bad that they have to measure my food, try to figure out what I can eat.. so on. I know soon it will be second nature to them but for now it just feels like I am a big pain! But Clinton's dad said, "you've always been a pain in the butt, so what's the difference."


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