Monday, March 30, 2009

Like a New Job

So I have been diagnosed now for just a bit over two weeks, and it almost feels like I've had this for awhile. I find even when I am talking to someone about Diabetes, it's like I've lived like this for awhile, when in fact it's completely brand new. I look at it this way, for those who might not understand what it's like to start a different lifestyle or have to change. It's like getting a new job, you don't know the people, the techniques, skills, or routine. Your first couple shifts are a little rough, you make mistakes, get embarrassed and frustrated and feel like you're not a part of the "group." But after a week or so, you begin to understand, learn and experience and all of a sudden you're included. This is exactly how learning you have diabetes is for me. At first, I had no idea what to do, or what even diabetes exactly was, but with time I learned more and experienced a ton and it's only been two weeks.

On Saturday March 28th I felt awesome! I didn't have many symptoms what so ever. I went to the grocery store with my mom, takes us a bit because we are reading labels, labels and well more labels and then I drove to Clinton's house. If you're wondering what exactly I am looking at when I am reading labels I'll let you know! Every food found in the grocery store usually has a nutrition guide with the listed ingredients and a breakdown of calories, carbs. etc. So when I am reading labels, I am looking at the Carbohydrates. Under the carbohydrates, sugars and fiber is listed. I have to see how many Carbs there is and minus the fiber and that will tell me how many carbs are in that specific amount of whatever it is that i'm reading. So here is an example: Carbohydrates: 20 fiber: 5 g Sugars: 8 total Carbs: 15 g Right now I am on a specific amount of carbs per meal, then that is broken down into points. Each 15g of carbs equals one point. For example: I am allowed 60 grams of carbs at breakfast, that is 4 points. Easy as pie? If it doesn't make sense it will eventually, because obviously when they first explained it to me, I was like what!

Anyways, now that I gave you all a lesson on carb counting. Let's talk about my time at Clinton's because when I was there we decided to go for a walk, and it was a lot of fun, but I worried a little about what my sugar was going to be like. We walked on a trail near the river and around his neighbourhood. We were probably out for a good hour and a half. As we were having fun, walking around, I kept in mind that there is a good chance that my sugar could go low since I am being active, and usually my sugar is lower between lunch & supper. When we got back, I checked my sugar, and I was 5.8. [ they want me to treat it if my sugar goes any lower than 5 ] So I was safe!

The important thing I learned that I should always be alert & prepared about what my body is telling me. I didn't feel anything and I was right, my sugar was fine. But when it doubt check! Like I said before, I had barely any symptoms yesterday, and I never even got nervous about going out to Dundas. Since I seem to get nervous lately if I am going somewhere, where I am unsure if I will be 'okay.' I think I am overcoming that whole nervous phase because I am becoming more comfortable with treating myself. I did get super tired at night, and had myself a two hour nap, but that gave the boys some time to talk about all the boring stuff that I am not interested in.

Today was very exciting because I got to meet with Chloe Steepe who is the founder of Connected in Motion. She created a group for people who are young adults with type 1 diabetes since a lot of type 1 diabetes stuff is directed to children. We met at the Blue Dog Cafe this morning and we ended up staying there for almost three hours just talking about how we were diagnosed, what type of things we went through and the ideas that we have for raising money etc. etc. It was really neat to talk one on one in person with someone who knows how you feel and has been where you've been. It's almost like having a twin, because here you were feeling like you were the only one peeing every half hour, drinking litres and litres of liquids, losing massive amounts of weight and feeling odd and really you were not alone. There was someone who felt the same way out there. It's great knowing that.I really enjoyed my time with Chloe, and can't wait to meet again. I learned so much but didn't feel like I was sitting in an office getting educated about my diabetes. If you want to check out her website, go to It's a really great site with some great pictures too!

Anyways, after the meeting I didn't do much besides call a couple people to tell them how excited I am for what's to come. Basically I am excited to be so lucky to get to meet amazing people, and do some amazing things. I always wondered, "what makes me so special, what will make me stand out." Now I know exactly what that is. I'd like to thank everyone who plans to participate in the walk and/or sponsor me in the walk. There is lots of time, and I'm so glad in one week I have almost 10 people participating so far. That's amazing guys!


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