Thursday, April 2, 2009

Emotional Rollercoaster

I just wanted to say for the past note, I asked my nurse about the bleeding of my stomach when I put the insulin pen in. She said that most likely I am breaking tiny blood vessels, but she said if it happens a lot to let them know. So it hasn't done it since then so I think that she was right about the blood vessels.

The days have been pretty good, they brought my supper time insulin from 5 - 6 and in three days to 7 units. For some reason that made me super tired not to mention Clinton and I went for a walk for about 45 minutes, which usually would be as simple as walking to the mailbox but now it just makes me tired. It's not that when I am walking I get tired it's more like once I get home and sit down.Besides all of that I am doing well. I am starting to get a little stressed and I don't know why. I just find that the littlest things stress me out. For example: When Clinton was trying to sign up for Team KK we did it wrong so it wouldn't let him join my team. This stressed me out so much that I couldn't concentrate on anything but trying to fix it. I shoved all my supper in my mouth just to rush to the computer to try and fix it. It stressed me out! Another thing that stresses me out is if I tell someone about something or ask someone something and they seem like they don't care or aren't really paying attention. I am blaming these emotional roller coasters on my Diabetes! It just makes me feel better!

Hopefully with time I will get used to all this new medicine being pumped into me and the whole schedule of giving myself needles, eating at certain times etc. etc. With time, I'll be back to normal but with much more inspiration and encouragement to push myself further to go beyond the dreams I have set for myself. They kept telling me, you're so strong, look at everything you're doing! I know that I have become pretty involved in the walk/raising money and I don't regret jumping into anything like that because that stuff it was keeps me happy and positive. But I am not going to lie, lately I've felt a little blah at times.

I went to work on Wednesday and got a chance to talk to the woman that I babysit her kids. She already knew about my diabetes from someone but had a few questions. I was also asked to possibly babysit her kids all summer rather than the daycare so that is what I am deciding right now. I think that babysitting them in the summer will give me more of a chance to learn how to take care of 4 kids all by myself plus deal with having diabetes.


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