Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter !

There are two days in the year that I knew would be a challenge, Halloween & Easter. Now, I haven't experienced Halloween yet but Easter is here. It was a little different this year, obviously. I couldn't shove my face with chocolate as soon as I woke up, and I basically was faced with 1001 temptations but I never gave in. I got a lot of no sugar added chocolate & candies. They are pretty good, still count for my carbs but hey it's chocolate. I got to have 5 of the little chocolates for my snack on Easter and that was all the chocolate I had. I guess this is a good thing since I'll be wearing a bikini in less than a week. ah!

I went to Clinton's family event, and they were great about me being a diabetic! They were always asking questions & making sure that I was alright. For some odd reason any time people ask me about my diabetes, the conversation turns into a conversations about drug addicts but whatever, the needles make people think of junkies I guess! Anyways, for not ever meeting any of them before pretty much, they were great! Brunch there, was the first time I had to judge for myself what I should eat, since there were no labels available. It was a little hard but I tried to guess as best as I could, with Clinton's help. I had just enough that my stomach wasn't bulging like every single other belly in the room! Dessert was the hardest part, you have NO idea how hard it was for me not to eat the pie, cookies, chocolate, candies, squares or cakes. Instead I ate a Sugar Free Jello egg that Clinton's mom made for me. Which was so nice of her to do that for me.

After we came home, Clinton & I came back to my house, and we made a supper out of my Diabetic cook book. It was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed my Easter with him and with my diabetes.Really, if I can get through Easter with all that junk food everywhere then I can get through any day!


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