Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Unrealistic Expectations

I think we all have this expectation on how we should manage our diabetes. Whether that expectation comes from our parents, endocrinologists or the diabetes community - at times it can be rather defeating when we try to live up to an expectation we feel is unattainable.  I cannot stress enough how different diabetes is for each person who has it.  The way in which one person handles their diabetes is completely different to the next, and that is something we all should keep in mind when we are communicating about our diabetes whether that's a in-person conversation at your endo's office, or an online conversation on a forum.

Setting unrealistic goals about our diabetes is asking too much of ourselves. Lowering your a1c from seven to five in a matter of months - is difficult, and not an easy journey, so taking baby steps and focusing on how you want to handle diabetes (not how someone on Instagram handles their diabetes) is key.

Comparing ourselves is a good way to set unrealistic expectations.. let's keep in mind that social media is a snapshot of most people's highlight reel and not always their bloopers.  Seeing meter numbers that reflect a 'perfect' blood sugar doesn't mean that person is always on point - keep that in mind when you're trying to push forward with your diabetes. We all have faults, triumphs and stumbles, we just don't always show them.

Pointing out what's wrong and not what's right.   I'm going to do it, I'm going to quote Dr. Phil on this one, "It takes 1000 'atta boys' to erase one, 'you're an idiot.' " But seriously, those discouraging words you hear from your diabetes team or family/friends resonate so much, even more so then the times they let you know you were doing a good job.    It's important to sit back and think about what your own accomplishments are with your diabetes and set yourself up with a practical expectation.


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