Friday, January 13, 2017

Time, Listening & Acts of Kindness

As you get older you realize the importance of time, listening and acts of kindness.   I'd hope that some are lucky to realize the importance of these things earlier in life, but I can say my awareness of these things has heightened as a I reach my late 20's.   People struggle every single day on things we cannot imagine.   People carry on throughout their lives sometimes without ever showing their fears, heartaches or pain - and while those people appear happy on the outside, that isn't always the case behind closed doors.

I have made it my mission to reach out to those that I surround myself with and check in.   Not in a, 'I'm your parent' type way, but checking in to make sure they have a good day, and in turn I believe that gives them the opportunity to reach out to me if they need someone to listen to, and visa versa. I strongly believe that even a small act of kindness, a good morning text, a 'how are you doing' email, all of those things open the doors to helping those that sometimes may feel alone.

Recently on a conference call, one of the call participants told us how much she appreciated each and every one of us and while that gesture seems simple, it really impacted me and made me think about the times that I have let people know I appreciate them and what impact our words have on people (for the good and bad). I take those notion of the importance of time, listening and acts of kindness and put it towards not only my family and friends but also to the teens in my local support group that I run.  These three things are so incredibly valuable, more than anything one could buy and implementing the notion of these things into our daily lives - I feel, could be impactful.


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