Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It Stings

Mary Tyler Moore, who lived with type 1 diabetes, passed away today.  I think the first thought on most people's minds was the big question of, "did she die to complications related to diabetes?"  The haunting feeling that this disease that we deal with could take away a life, hurts the hearts of those that are living with diabetes and those that care for ones with diabetes.  While Mary Tyler Moore lived a reasonably long life with diabetes, it still stings a bit to read a fellow type 1 has passed.

When I was first diagnosed, I remember my mom had told me that Mary Tyler Moore also had type 1.  To be honest, I don't know if I really knew who she was at that point because of the generation gap, but I took interest and my mom bought me her book, Growing Up Again: Life, Love and Oh Yeah, Diabetes, that talks about her diagnosis during her show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  Learning about other celebrities along the way with diabetes is always interesting, seeing how they manage their disease and how they give back to the community, something Mary Tyler Moore did very well.

As the diabetes community mourns over her loss, I do hope that we see how much she accomplished in her life span and how many lives she touched.  It is difficult to not think the worst, wondering what lead to her death, and if we will reach those stages, or how we can avoid them as people who battle the same condition.  In connection with the mental health campaign put on by Bell Canada, #BellLetsTalk I hope to make a point to say that if you are feeling anxious about your diabetes, if you're worried or scared, reach out and talk.  I am offering my support and listening ear, anytime.

I know hearing news of fellow type 1's passing away stings, I know it makes you think a million different things, and assess your management skills - am I doing enough?  But know, that you're not alone.

Rest in Peace Mary Tyler Moore


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