Monday, January 9, 2017

Three Ways to Save

Living with diabetes isn't always about finding the easiest way of dealing, rather many people living with diabetes are looking for ways to find the cheapest way.  Diabetes is expensive!   Every little part of it is expensive, from the insulin that keeps us alive, to the doughnut we had to buy to keep ourselves from passing out!  As much as my global travel has taught me that I am lucky for my warm home, my free healthcare and my insulin in my fridge - it's still expensive!

I have learned a few diabetes hacks, that I thought I'd share...

1.  Buy juice boxes, rocket candies (smarties for my American Friends) anything but those expensive 'diabetes' tabs.  

Unless you've been sponsored by a diabetes sugar tab maker, you're probably spending quite a bit on sugar.   I know, I know, some people find it works faster, but I would like to say, that for me, other things work that are not super expensive, say, like rocket candies that I can get at the bulk barn for a fraction of the cost!

2. Ask for samples! You know, maybe you'll only get a few test strips or a vial of insulin, but sometimes companies/doctors/pharmacies have samples! 

It never hurts to ask for samples or see if there are any extra supplies.  A vial of insulin can cost A LOT, and if your doctor happens to have a trial sample in their clinic's fridge - why not!   

3. There is always a way to make things work! 

If you're on a pump and you are offered insulin via pen or pen vial, you can make it work!  Visa-versa! The wonderful syringe or reservoir, although annoying, can help you suck that wonderful insulin out and put it to good use!  If there is a will, there is a way, and if it will make you save money, then even better!


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