Sunday, January 1, 2017

Three Diabetes Resolutions

Tis' the season to make a bunch of resolutions and promise yourself you will stick to them and while some of us are able to keep those promises to ourselves, it can be incredibly easy to let them fall to the wayside.   So, I thought of three resolutions, we, as people living with diabetes can promise ourselves and hopefully help one another keep them going strong.

1.   Don't be so hard on yourself in 2017

Diabetes takes a good chunk of our time and energy, we know that.   As much as we do good for ourselves, like give ourselves insulin for our dinner or remember to bring our meter to the gym - we often fault ourselves WAY too much over the things we do happen to forget or not do.  Give yourself more credit for the things you do everyday - after all you're keeping yourself alive!

2. Connect and Give Back 

As soon as you're diagnosed with diabetes you start your training on being an expert in the field.  It's amazing how much we learn over our diagnosis, and I can only imagine the people who are 20+ in can somehow smell the carbs of food miles away and give an accurate dosage... but really, we are all full of tips and tricks that could really benefit someone out there, and even so, just lending your ear to hear out a fellow type 1, is an awesome way to give back to the community.   Take it even further and start/join a support group whether that's online or in person!

4. Show your thankful heart 

You know that saying, "It takes a village to raise a child..." well that village doesn't stop helping once you're an adult.  The village whether that is online or in person is always there to help guide you, and that is something to be thankful for.  Last year I started writing cards and mailing them to the people that have supported, helped, and loved me in the past year and I plan to do that again. Living with diabetes we do rely on people and there are certain people in our life that make living with diabetes manageable and keep us from cracking.   Don't forget to take the time to show your thankful heart for those that have raised us up along the way - maybe even a thank you letter to your endo?!


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