Thursday, January 12, 2017

Give Yourself Time

You do not owe anyone anything.  You are fighting a disease that many have no idea what that entails.  You spend countless hours worrying about your own health, whether or not you are prepared to handle the worst outcomes of your situation, if you can continue on without completely losing your mind. You do not owe anyone an explanation why you need to take some time to yourself.  Whether you're a warrior with type 1 diabetes or a parent/caregiver of someone with diabetes - you're doing some pretty hard things and taking time to re-coop is totally okay.   For me, I fill my days with lots of things, whether it's connecting with friends, posting on social media, going for a run, regardless the day is packed with tasks to do whether that's voluntarily done or not.      But, there is always apart of me that is pushing back time to sit back and relax.

Everyone relaxes differently, whether that is with a glass of white wine, a bubble bath or listening to calm music (or all the above...)   this time is so important because it helps us restore our faith in ourselves... that we can push through the next 24 hours not only with a bravery but also with our sanity in tact.  I know so many people out there who confess that they do not feel they have time for themselves or the money to spare, but one thing I have learned is that little acts of self love go along way, taking an hour on the weekend to get a pedicure or treating yourself to a Starbucks drink - that's all it takes sometimes to boost yourself into feeling better.

I'd like to challenge all my readers to pick a date this month to do something for themselves, and really do it!  Don't cancel that manicure, don't drain the tub too soon, give yourself an hour of relaxation to restore yourself.  You owe it to yourself!


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