Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Do What You Love

Another gym membership is now in my possession - which makes my heart happy.    I have been to a few gyms in my life, and all have become a little part of me. I love the community a gym brings, for instance when I was at YMCA pre-Kilimanjaro, I got to know the staff very well and even made a friend out of one of the trainers.   Gyms although sometimes have a bad rep, they are an awesome way to get out of the house without having to spend money (unless your gym happens to be connected to a grocery store, but I've learned to leave my money at home!)

This isn't really a post about gyms, because I'd assume most people know what gyms are like.  But more so a post about finding something that makes you happy.  As we continue on this year we will find ourselves feeling like we are in a rut or at least bored - it's bound to happen at least a few times.  Finding things that make us happy are important and making the time to do those things can sometimes be difficult.  But, I believe in the saying that if you absolutely love something/someone you make time for that thing or person.   

Now that I have a gym membership, because running in the winter is NOT my thing... I can get back into running - which I love to do and once the snow melts and the temperature climbs to a reasonable level, you'll find me running the trails again.   I am trying to make time for this because I love this, I love how I feel before and after and it really keeps me energized - after all I work from home, so getting outside in the real world is wonderful! 

A few other things I have promised myself to do is continue to write, as that is also something that makes me happy and connect with my friends even more.  I think I do a decent job at checking in with friends, but I feel like I could do better.  I want to surround myself with things I love, and people I love.  I want to make time for these things/and people and really make the most of 2017.  

I'd love to hear what makes you happy and what you plan to do in 2017 to make those things happen?


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