Friday, September 10, 2010

Who I am

Now that the first week of school is over with and it's finally the weekend I have had time to reflect about where I've been and how far I've come. This week has been hectic and crazy. From trying to get from class to class while settling into a new environment - this week has by far been the craziest week I've had in a long time.

On my hour drive home from London to Brantford I thought about how fast time flies. Not even from Monday - Friday, but from year to year. It is almost like we blink and it's a new day. Some days that's a good thing - stressful days we wish to go by in seconds while amazing days we wish to last forever unfortunately that usually never works in our favour.

After finishing up this crazy week I began to think about how far I have come as a person and how much small things in my life have changed me. I am so incredibly lucky to be where I am today - going to college, having great friends and family and knowing myself for the most part.

In a way getting diabetes early in my life has been an eye opener that many people my age will not experience until much, much later in their lives. This simple inspiration I have received from diabetes cannot be gained through going to bars, getting drunk or just sitting around - it's a knowledge that has to be learned from hardship, pain and experience unlike no other.

I am not bragging, 'oh I have diabetes - I know myself better' because I could be very wrong. However, just from my personal experience I've come to realize that diabetes may have given me more than a broken pancreas and an insulin pump - diabetes may have given me knowledge that can't be learned through any degree of education or basic life experience.

So here I was living healthy and free from diabetes for almost nineteen years of life - was I incredibly happy? no. Was I living life to the fullest? no. Did I have nearly enough empathy, interest or dedication? absolutely not. It was all a matter of pieces falling into place once I was diagnosed - as if I instantly had the answer of who I am?

Of course I am still learning and will always be changing in various ways, but at this young age of twenty I think I have a good understanding of myself.


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