Thursday, September 9, 2010

Patch Work

Since having the pump I haven't had too many troubles with my sites. There have been a few pretty tough ones to put - some that hurt and some that felt like nothing. Usually I haven't had a problem with keeping them on for a full three days, but these past two sites have been a huge pain!

Since my skin is peeling from a sun burn that I got in Panama the skin under my site is not tough enough to hold the adhesive on the site. I first tried covering it with a band aid to keep it on, but when I woke up the band aid was left in my bed. I had to change me site a day and a half early and put in a new one. By the end of the day that site was also peeling off - and it was starting to hurt. Not wanting to change my site again I tried using skin prep (like a glue) to help the site stay on better - I also covered it with a band aid.

So far my site has stayed on even though it looks pretty brutal. I know that eventually my skin will stop peeling and it will be back to normal. I could try using the skin prep before putting on a new site, but I find that it makes the skin too tough and hard which makes breaking the skin painful.


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