Monday, September 20, 2010

My Health

It always crosses my mind whether or not people perceive me as healthy. The facts are that when people say diabetes most people have a different idea in their head. I can only assume that if I asked random people what kind of people get 'diabetes' they would say, old people and unhealthy people.

The stigma around diabetes is extremely harsh for those living with type 1. Not only are the majority of us young, but we are healthy in some cases extremely healthy. I realized just how bad the stigma was when I set up my booth outside of Fanshawe. I was extremely shocked at some of the reaction to the booth (even though it said Juvenile Diabetes) I am sure the word diabetes stuck out which then lead to the belief "oh well it's there fault they got it - why would I give them money!"

As type 1 diabetics we find ourselves laughing at the misinformation that is given by people of some-what authority. People we watch on t.v like Dr. Oz. How can these people who know so much about 'medicine' not have a slight clue on how to get across that type 1 diabetics are nothing like type 2 diabetics.

Okay, so this sounds like a war of the diabetics - but it truly isn't. I just know that as a diabetic I can easily be judged as being an unhealthy girl who ate too much candy. It's hard to educate people about diabetes because how many times do you hear about the epidemic of diabetes due to fast food, lack of exercise, processed foods.

I guess the best thing to do like many other type 1's I know - is to prove to those people who have already judged me - that I am healthy and that nothing is too big of a challenge for a type 1.

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