Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We all can assume things that we can achieve. We assume we can get certain grades on tests, we assume we can walk a 5k distance, we assume things that we no without a doubt we can achieve. But what happens when we go beyond our assumptions. We push ourselves beyond all that we thought achievable.

My life from diabetes on has been all about pushing myself to the unknown. Yes, I've signed myself up for some pretty crazy things like mud runs, amazing races and half triathlons. Those things I didn't think were ever going to make my life story, but some how they did. We assume practical things that pretty much everyone goes through - we assume we will graduate, we assume we will land a pretty decent job and we assume we will create a nice little family.

Assuming isn't a bad thing because it keeps us grounded and feeling like we have a sense of control over our lives, but throwing in the odd curve ball is always a great way to live. My biggest achievements so far have come from things I didn't plan on doing. Like running for a complete hour on the treadmill on Monday. I would have never assumed that I could have ran that long without stopping - basically because I have never, ever, ever done that. But I pushed myself, and didn't let myself give up - didn't let myself assume that after 30 minutes I was done - I just kept going.

Now this makes me think - maybe assumptions hold us back in a way. Who knew I had it in me to run 8 km in one hour considering I've never ran that far before. Maybe I had it in me all along, but never thought I could do it. Like the half triathlon - even the day before the event I was thinking, "oh my, can I even do this?" but surprise, surprise I finished and I wasn't even last!

So maybe some choices I make scare me - for instance applying to Australia. But I can't let a silly assumption stop me from making bold, crazy choices. Who knows what I can do - I can only surprise myself.


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