Thursday, September 30, 2010


This note will be my 316th and that number seems huge to me - I never thought that these notes would continue this long when I first sat down to let everyone know I had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. After awhile I realized that these notes were more than my therapy - they were a lot of others therapy. Not only other diabetics, but people of all different types living different lives with different opinions and struggles.

316 notes doesn't exactly describe the play by play of my diabetes, but it comes pretty close. I have had diabetes for about 635 days and in that short time I have managed to capture what it's like to live with diabetes and even better how diabetes has changed my life.

I have met the most amazing people through my blogs - people from Australia, people from the United States, Europe and Canada and they all have been open enough to share their stories with me and how they can relate to what I have wrote whether it was from my early stages of diabetes or something recent I have just experienced.

I love hearing from my readers and sometimes I am surprised to know who reads my blogs. I remember when I was getting interviewed by Brant News the reporter asked me if I knew how many people read my blog and I had no idea because truth is I get messages from people who I'd never expect to have read my blog, yet do.

I'd love to hear comments - if my blog has helped you or inspired you. It's so nice to hear positive feedback and to know that my story is being heard and passed along. It's the great thing about writing.


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