Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Work it Out

Since this is Clinton's first week off in a long time, we are going to the gym together. I must admit that I don't accomplish much fitness at Fanshawe since there is not much time so now that I am on break I have been trying to go to the gym.

Clinton is used to tons of physical training and he decided to put me through an intense hockey workout which just about killed me. Half way through this I had to take down some sugar pills to insure that I wasn't going to pass out. It was funny how easy some of the workouts were for him, not so much myself.

I really admire Clinton's dedication to fitness and hopefully it will rub off on me more. I really do try and stay in shape and know how important working out is not only in general but also because I am a diabetic.

I know that if Clinton was able to spend every night at the gym with me, I'd be fit in no time but that just isn't possible with his schedule and mine; therefore in Clinton's words "work out just as hard as I'd make you if I was at the gym with you" is what I need to be thinking.

Hopefully in the summer I will be able to start running again and going to the gym more often!


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