Sunday, December 13, 2009

Head to Toe

Today I had a low; however, I can't tell you how low. All I know is that I was lifting the groceries onto the counter at Zehrs and before I knew it I could barely lift at all. I couldn't even concentrate. My body felt extremely warm and I began to sweat. My mind couldn't decide what to do, and believe it or not there was nothing around me to grab to eat. I left the cart and the stuff on the counter and headed for the nearest drink or snack, and I found a Caramilk bar. I let the cashier know and began to eat it, in hopes of feeling better.

The cashier commented on how much I was shaking and I felt rude because I couldn't really talk to her. All I could think about was feeling better. I can only imagine that my sugar must have been in the 2's and I am not sure how I didn't notice. I recall her asking how many bags I wanted, but then just figured it out for herself. I felt like I was going to cry.

After the bags were in my cart and paid for I went to my car to unload them. Still shaking head to toe but eating the rest of the chocolate bar, I believe I bought one of those king size ones. I sat in my car after and tested my sugar, I had finished the chocolate bar by now and it was 4.3, so I waited for the chocolate bar to kick in a little bit more. I began to drive home, feeling much better.

It was a scary low, mostly because it came so unexpectedly. I know for sure that I can't push lunch any later than 2 if I don't plan to have a snack!


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