Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Boxing Madness!

For boxing day Clinton's family was visiting their relatives in Toronto. Of course the idea of shopping came quickly to my mind, which we ended up doing. We went to the Eaton's Centre and it was busier than I could ever have imagined. I said to Clinton, "I am bound to get a sugar low." Since there seems to be a trend in my sugar going low while shopping.

To keep my sugar from going low, Clinton and I shared a smoothie. It seemed to work out because around lunch time I was an 8. It was really chaotic but a lot of fun! After going to the mall we went back to Clinton's aunt and uncle's house.

It was the first time there that I asked for a diet pop of some kind and they didn't have any. It seemed weird to me but I realized a lot of people don't just have diet pop around or even just pop. It through my off a little I must admit. I drank water instead and at supper time just shared a regular 7-up with Clinton.

I don't know why I assume people will have diet pop but I guess because I am usually around diabetics I have become used to having things around me that I am able to have!

Either way I got around the obstacle by drinking water and taking insulin for a shared 7-up with Clinton!


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