Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Good Feeling

It is really unbelievable when I think about how much Clinton has done for me. As everyone knows, Clinton is my boyfriend, whom I've been dating for over a year now.

We had only been dating 5 months when I was diagnosed with diabetes and soon as he found out, he truly kicked it into full gear. He hasn't stopped surprising me with his interest to learn more about the disease and to help me in any way possible.

The fact that since day one he has been checking labels for me, looking for products, asking questions, and researching is amazing. I think that it's important not only for me but for anyone else who has someone in their life like this to recognize their effort and support.

It's the little things that these type of people do for you, that make you wonder how you got so lucky. The simple example of there being only a couple chocolates left and Clinton won't eat them just in case I need them.

Clinton to me is inspirational. He inspires me to push hard, be strong and never say never. I would hope everyone can find this person in their life, whether it's their best friend, spouse, or even a close family member.

I know that Clinton would go above and beyond to make sure that I was okay, he has proved that throughout our relationship. That's a good feeling.


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