Friday, December 11, 2009

Hot Chocolate!

A large hot chocolate without whip cream has 62 carbohydrates which to me translates to 4 units of insulin, the same amount I usually take for breakfast, lunch or supper. It is a special beverage that warms the hands of so many people, and personally last year I can't even imagine how many hot chocolates I consumed watching Clinton's hockey games.

After being diagnosed with diabetes I pretty much gave up and said, I can just have some Cheerios, eat tuna sandwiches all the time and have crackers for snacks. But, let's be honest, that fad only lasted about another week after being diagnosed and I was on to another craze, I believe it was oatmeal. I pretty much eliminated things from my diet that I thought were impossible, one being hot chocolate.

Once hockey season rolled around, watching people order hot chocolate so care free made me feel like an alien. A black tea, a water or diet pop was the only option I felt possible for me, yet I never truly thought about taking insulin for a beverage that had a little extra sugar in it. I made a decision that I wouldn't take insulin for just a beverage unless it was on a special occasion. So thus far at all the hockey games I have been too, I have not had a hot chocolate!

Today, I had my first hot chocolate of the year. After finishing one of my lasts exams of the term, my friend Maria and I spent some time together and I treated myself to hot chocolate. Let me say, it was delicious. I was also given a free cookie, since the lady took awhile making it, I took five units of insulin, it was worth it.

It's nice to indulge every now and then and besides how wonderful the hot chocolate was, it was nice to spend time with Maria, who is extremely supportive with my diabetes despite only knowing me for 4 months.


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