Monday, December 7, 2009

Candy Store

I miss candy. I miss being able to eat as much candy as I want. I miss being able to pick up something from the candy store without hesitation. It's funny how something so simple can be missed so much. It's not that I can never have candy, it is just now candy comes with responsibility. I have to know the facts behind the candy before eating it unlike before.

I am sure we all have our food that we could not live without. For me, there are many different things but I have always enjoyed candy and chocolate. I often think, of course my love for candy is filtered by diabetes. I know that candy isn't exactly good for you, and we all, diabetes or not, should eat it in moderation; however, it is a lot easier said than done.

As time goes by I am sure living with less candy will become easier. In fact I spent Saturday in Niagara Falls, the Hershey's store was there along with many other candy stores, that I insisted we went in. I refused sample fudge and didn't purchase a single thing. I didn't feel left out or upset, I just knew that I couldn't indulge as much as others. Of course there were times where I wish I could have over indulged but I believe I did well.

Since I am mostly around non-diabetics I want to make sure that they feel comfortable around me. I don't care if people around me eat candy, chocolate or big carb food items. It doesn't bother me. I especially want to make sure that the people that I spend the most time around aren't depriving themselves in hopes of making me feel better. I honestly want people to feel comfortable and not feel as if I am any different than them.


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