Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dessert Eater

I had my first family Christmas party of the year this weekend and also the first Christmas party as a diabetic. To say the least it's not the best time of the year to be diabetic, with all the mash potatoes, punch and desserts . . . it is hard to resist!

However, I am thankful for my dessert eater, named Clinton. I am sure it's not a flawless system but I do get to eat desserts without my sugar rising out of control. Clinton lets me have a bite of whatever he has, that way I get a taste of it and don't end up eating the entire thing. The flaw in this is that I start telling Clinton that he's hungry for pie or a square when really he isn't.

In a way I am glad that I have some guard that forces me to not eat as much, and saying that diabetes isn't even that much of a guard for me, I must admit I am still sneaking snacks every now and then, but hey it's Christmas!

I still have three other Christmas parties to attend and I am sure by the last one I will be much too full to have to worry about my dessert eater!


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