Monday, December 19, 2011

You Can't Plan

I'm not sure if it's the season for high blood sugar, but it seems that way to me!  My sugar has been outstanding (there is a positive spin on it...)  reaching new highs (and again...) and while I am not really feeling too crabby about it, I know that my body is.

I think that finding balance with diabetes is probably the hardest thing, and not just balance between other things and diabetes, but a balance between diabetes within itself.  It seems that no matter how hard you try diabetes is ready to knock you off the balance beam. 

When I was first diagnosed I thought, one day I will have days where I don't see anything higher than a seven; however, after waiting for these 'days' to arrive, I was shocked to realize that they are impossible! And if you are a person that has good blood sugars every single day then I think you just may not be diabetic.... 

I think that doctors give us the idea that achieving perfection is possible, but when we have a high blood sugar sometimes we have no idea why, and then we correct, excited to see one digits and BAM, 2.0 and then we are treating, over treating and back up to double digits.

Living with diabetes can be the biggest pain in the butt on your schedule because it is one of the only things you just can't plan, you can't plan when you will need to jump the line and eat a chocolate bar, you can't plan when you are going to break into shakes and sweats in the middle of meeting someone's parents for the first time (oh yes, this happened to me...) and you can't plan to all of sudden get angry at someone because of high blood sugar (at least that's what I tell people...) 


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