Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tis' the Season

The stores are packed, the parking lot is full, the grocery store has packaged wonderful treats together in one big container ... it's the season of shopping and eating that is for sure.  After Thanksgiving everyone complains about how much they have had to eat, but the good thing about Thanksgiving is that it really is a one day celebration, but Christmas, that is multiple days.

It starts with those little glass bowls of red and green M&M's at least in my house, my mom spreads bowls of candy throughout the house way before we are expecting to have guests, so I am only assuming that those candies are 'house candies.'    I think it is almost impossible to stay on a diet or at least 'watch what you're eating' because no matter where you go the food is everywhere. But, on the plus side, you probably sweat for an hour while waiting in line at Old Navy, or had to walk 1 kilometre from the parking lot to the mall, a few times to take bags back to your trunk.   

Being diabetic at Christmas time isn't a big deal for me, although if you had asked me two years ago, I may have told you a different story.  Although there is tons of food all of the time, for the most part it isn't about how much food your eating - it is if you are acknowledging the food you are eating.  Sure, you can eat a slice of cake, 23 M&M's, 2 tarts and glass of egg nog, but you also are going to need to remember to take insulin for all of those lovely delights. 

It's a lot easier to acknowledge the food and enjoy it then to tell yourself that you cannot have something because you are diabetic - if anything you are just helping the stereotype out.   So, I guess basically what I am saying is that it is important to enjoy the christmas season because being diabetic is no excuse not too!


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