Thursday, December 8, 2011

Clearing Out the Medicine Cabinet

As far as I knew I wasn't allergic to any medications.  But, as far as my health issues,  my knowledge of what causes what has yet to come clear for me. It seems that I have been a medical mystery, starting just before I was diagnosed with diabetes. It started about a year before I was diagnosed when I had terrible, terrible hives every single day.

To go to high school on a daily basis with hives was probably the worst thing in the world. Let's face it,  no one has high confidence in high school (and those girls who you thought did - they really didn't) so to add in a gross rash from your neck down to your toes, there was just no chance in confidence building.   But, eventually that went away for me (this applies to both the lack of confidence and the hives) because my body was done with the red blotches, instead it wanted to say 'hello to my little pancreas.'

Diabetes had a different approach on me, instead it took my weight down a ton and decided that my liking for a glass of milk needed to be intensified to bags of milk instead.  When this was all solved it was fine because it was treatable and I had answers (minus the answer of why I got diabetes...)

So, since then it has been pretty easy sailing, minus a few random fainting episodes that weren't related to diabetes and have remained a mystery to this day.   But, I think that it was just time for something to happen to my body decided that it was allergic to penicillin.  I had been taking penicillin for 7 days on Monday and that glorious 7th day is when it all went down hill.

I broke out in hives (all too familiar)  and was a little swollen in the face, including my lips - I ended up taking a visit to the emergency room to get it cleared up A.S.A.P because I know what it is like to have hives and I do not like it one bit!

It's been 3 days since being on the medication and it is clearing up! Thankfully, with exams coming I really did not want to have to worry about having hives and staying awake on this medication.  For  now at least, I am happy that it wasn't a complete mystery unlike most of my health concerns - the only thing I know for now is that I won't be taking penicillin ever again.

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