Saturday, December 10, 2011


As a student living with diabetes it sometimes can be hard to find balance.  After all, we do want to live a 'normal' life, but every day reminders like low blood sugar or your pump's vibrations remind you that you just aren't exactly like everyone else.  However, I have learned that everyone has their own battles - some seems worse than others, but then those people think that there is worse as well.  It is a coping method I think a lot of people use and that is what gets us by every single day.

For me that battle is maintaining decent blood sugars, I am over the fact that having perfect days come rare; however, I KNOW that they are possible. I try stay within a good range and if I happen to slip off either end, I am okay with that.  Another battle comes from dealing with diabetes and everything else life throws at me like exams, relationships, and a social life.   Diabetes doesn't really care what else you have planned for that day, it just wants to come first.   You want to sleep? No, you need to eat.

I have heard so many unique stories of people who have gone through medical issues, or are still battling them. I have respect for every single one of them because I know that have a health issue can be terrifying, seem unfair or just simply suck.

Diabetes is just one of the battles that people fight and within that battle comes tons of little battles or sometimes life threatening battles that diabetics fight every single day.  Each unique story comes with strength, triumph and courage.


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