Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Bad Kind

Yesterday I was asked if I had the 'bad kind of diabetes' I had heard this before, but at this moment it kind of made me giggle out loud... to be polite I found away to explain.

I then started to talk a little about how with type 1 diabetes (most of the time) you are put on insulin right away, while with type 2 diabetes you can manage it with diet, exercise and pills. So, then that made me think, well yes, in that case type 1 is that bad kind, because if you wanted a little bit of a second chance you could with type 2 by eating right and working out which would result in avoiding taking needles.

I then talked about how type 1 diabetes, which to some people is more so identified as Juvenile Diabetes (until us older folk started getting the 'betes)  can happen to toddlers where type 2 cannot, although with fast food replacing home cooked meals, who knows!   I then realized that, that makes type 1 the bad kind, the kind that attacks youth no matter how old they are.

We then talked a little about it really doesn't matter what you do before being diagnosed with type 1, it wasn't because we ate too much candy or never stepped outside for a walk, it just happens!  While with type 2, it occurs in older people and usually people that are overweight. So, I thought once again, I guess that makes type 1 diabetes the bad kind because no matter how healthy a child, a teenager, a young adult is...they at anytime could be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

So, when I thought about it some more, I realized that when a 5.5'er (non diabetic) asks you if you have the bad kind of diabetes it really isn't an insult.  They most likely associate insulin injections, young age, and the unexpectedly of it as a bad thing to  happen to someone. When you think of it that way, you realize that you in fact are living with the 'bad' kind! But, the best part about living with the 'bad' kind is that if you take care of it you - you should have no problem living the good life with the bad kind.


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