Friday, December 9, 2011

Thank You Endo.....NOT

I have seen a fair share of doctors since being diagnosed. Before diabetes I really only knew my family doctor and even then I hardly saw her.  It wasn't until I was given a whole bag of medical issues that I got to experience 'doctors.'   Doctors of all sorts, different specializations, different offices, different equipment,  but pretty much the same 'lack of concern?'  (Not sure if that's the perfect word.)

I can't imagine being a doctor for one.  I think that it would be a stressful and horrible job because not only are you constantly hearing about people's problems, but you also have to solve them.   However, I'd like to think that most doctors that specialize in a particular thing also have a passion for what they do. After all, they were willing to spend a billion years in school and spend a billion dollars, and sure you will make it back in no time, but really... you must have liked something about it.

Let's just focus on Endocrinologists for a second. I have only met two in my life (I think...) but I know a ton of diabetics that see this specific type of specialist regularly in different cities across Canada.  I think about 10% have actually had good things to say about their Endo. which is sad!  It is sad that we are expected to do what they say, yet they do not listen to what we have to say.  It is very interesting!

I switched Endo's and have only seen my new doctor once and she was very pleasant! Next appointment I will give you the update.  But, the fact that I even had to change is worrisome.  Since we are allotted an appointment space, why not make the best of it? Why not read a blog from a diabetic and realize that "tightening up our blood sugar" isn't as easy as it sounds...heck, it doesn't even sound easy.

There are so many things that can be done my health professionals that would make patients feel more comfortable walking in and saying, "Listen, my sugars have been a little high, but it's EXAM TIME..."   When all the diabetics in the world are cured, I don't think that the Endo's are getting a Thank You Card in the mail... that's all I am saying...


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