Friday, April 29, 2011


Putting in a site has got to be one of the most annoying things out there next to checking your blood sugar. For many diabetics this has become so routine that you would think we wouldn't think twice about stabbing ourselves in the stomach, legs or butt every three days, but for the most part we are going with the motion until this part comes along.

This is when our language gets creative and our face tightens up, our toes curl and we count to three or yell profusely at the stubborn needle. Some days are good days for putting a new site in - the days when you don't feel a thing, and the needle goes in without getting 'stuck' or sending feelings of pain throughout your entire body, but some days are bad days.  The days when you go to stick the needle in and it is tough or goes in roughly and half way through you decide to pull it back out.

I hate putting sites in and I hate changing them every three days.  If only there was a way to never take them out unless you had to.  The needles can be so painful and just looking at them sometimes makes you want to throw the pump out the window and quit your diabetes management.

However, something inside all of us gives us the strength to do what most people deem impossible. How many times have people told you, "I could never give myself a needle."  What we do as diabetics is something that we never would have thought we could do, but do anyways in the name of our health and desire to live a happy and long life.

So despite that pain that comes with giving ourselves needles, we just do it.  We swear, we scream, we cry, we wiggle around, but most of all we give ourself a needle because we want to live.


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