Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Diabetes Gave Me

When you are diagnosed with diabetes the doctor will probably sit you down and explain what you are now going to have to do. Unlike before, they will tell you, that needles are a way of life, not just one a day, but four or more. They will explain that having 'tight' control over your blood sugars is the most important thing because diabetes complications can result in loss of limbs, blindness and even death. Doctors everywhere explain that now living as a diabetic you need to be cautious of what you eat, cautious of what shoes you wear and cautious of any physical activities you participate in.

As much as this information is very real there are a lot of positive things you can take from diabetes that no one seems to talk about. I know not every diabetic feels a sense of happiness when they are checking their blood sugar or changing their site; however, I bet each diabetic can say at least one positive thing that happened because they have diabetes.

For me, diabetes gave me so much that I have dedicated this vary blog to just that. Diabetes took away my pancreas, but in return gave me amazing friends, confidence and motivation. I'd say it was good trade. Since being diagnosed my walls have expanded and all doors are open - there is no saying what I will do next.

Most recently I have been asked to speak to UPS/JDRF about the importance of the Walk to Cure Diabetes. As many people know I do this every year (this will be my third) and it is important to me because it's the one time of the year I can get together with all of my supporters and walk for a cure.

Also today I received a call from Canadian Diabetes Association to meet and speak about how I want to get involved as a motivational speaker. The meeting will be next Thursday and I am really looking forward to sharing my story as well as the chance for opportunities to speak at other events.

Diabetes isn't all that bad - you just have to see the positive sides in order to appreciate it.


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