Sunday, April 3, 2011

Diabetes Doesn't Have Me

Last night I was sitting at my lap top and all of a sudden I thought, "I have diabetes, diabetes doesn't have me." I typed it into google to make sure that I actually came up with that on my own and it seems I have. I began to think more about what I meant when I thought this.

Diabetes has become a huge part of my life in every single way. Really the only time that I can ignore my diabetes is when I am sleeping, but that doesn't always happen. Often diabetics are woken up in the night by beeps or vibrations from their pumps or pulling and tugging or even a low that wakes you up with the sweats and shakes.

It's what I write about every day and what I enjoy talking about. It is my drive behind my motivation and success as a person in my community, school and daily life. It is my best friend and worst enemy all at one time.

But, diabetes doesn't have me. My life isn't determined by my disease. I am not limited or turned down by diabetes because I am in control of my life. So, I am diabetic - I have diabetes, but diabetes doesn't have me. It won't knock me down, discourage me or limit me.


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