Friday, April 8, 2011

Unrealistic Hunger

When a diabetic's sugar goes low a lot of things can occur. It truly varies from one diabetic to another, but I think a lot of diabetic's can relate to me when I explain the unrealistic hunger that comes along with a low blood sugar.

That feeling like you could eat an entire pizza, a box of cookies, a tub of candy and a candy apple. Diabetics everywhere literally raid kitchen cupboards, fridges and freezers in search of food to satisfy their incredible need for food. I guess what really makes you wonder is whether or not that hunger comes from wanting to get rid of the low or if it is simply a symptom of a low. I choose the latter.

Before the shakes I usually know that I am low based on my thoughts. Sometimes it's strange thoughts or paranoia, but usually it is thoughts about food. Usually strange random cravings like those candy peach rings, cotton candy, Domino's pizza - that kind of stuff.

Last night around 3 a.m I woke up feeling a little odd when I checked my sugar I was 3.3 and as soon as I began walking around I was feeling super light headed, shaky and most of all hungry. Living on my own I have NO food, I have nothing good and nothing that I was craving was in my house. This 'failure to find food you want' can really make a diabetic mad. I searched the house - I mean I live with three other people and knew that they would understand (hopefully) I was climbing the counters, getting out chairs - who knows.

I ended up eating a lot of cookies (that were mine) and Olivia's yogurt. I think that what made the most mad, more mad than having to be woken up in the middle of the night - was that I didn't have the food that I was craving. I didn't have an endless supply of food to just eat.


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