Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Confusion

The problem with having diabetes is that you instantly relate anything that happens to you - to your diabetes. Your headache - that just once was a headache is now because your sugars are out of whack, that crazy laughter you cannot control - that was just once called 'hyper' now it's a high sugar.

For me I get really confused because I never know what to do. So many times my sugars have been normal and I have felt weird and I start thinking of something I must have - oh no, something else to deal with - when it could just be what it is.

Last night I wrote an exam 4:30-7:30 and it was complete writing for the entire time. The room was small and there was no natural light - brutal! To say that it made me feel sick is an understatement. Despite having a Aero Bar and Starbursts I managed to keep at 7.2 B/G the whole time and even after. I guess that is what stress can do to you and a small room!

As soon as I got up from the exam I felt disoriented and faint. I wasn't sure really what was going on and even forgot my coat in the room. Knowing I was a 7.2 - probably added to the stress that I was already feeling from that Philosophy exam.

I have begun to wonder how University is going to treat my diabetes. As for now, College as been pretty easy for me and not extremely stressful, I guess that will be a new entire chapter of my life as a University Student - but don't think I am scared - I know that I can conquer anything!


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