Monday, April 11, 2011

Somewhere Out There

No matter what diabetic you meet you will always have something in common. Whether it's the horror story of having to pee every half hour or the love/hate relationship you have with your pump - you are bound to have something to share and relate too. Over the past two years I have met some outstanding people that share similar stories to me.

Of course everyones story is unique in certain ways and everyone deals with their diabetes differently in some way or another. We all are on insulin, but the way we handle diabetes comes in many different ways. When I am around other diabetics I always wonder if our pancreas' know. As if they some how communicate:

Pancreas 1: "Hey, what's happening?"
Pancreas 2: "Nothing."
Pancreas 1: "Same...."

Diabetics just find each other and we find comfort in each other because let's face it - no one understands. We can spend endless hours talking about our diabetes because for once we have someone who can say, "YEAH I KNOW EH!" We can laugh at the silly things we did when we were low, or the terrible reality of having to check our blood sugar when are feeling too lazy!
The truth is is that we are not alone in our disease there are people out there that are just like us and don't mind your ranting and complaining.

The comforting part of it all is even when you are not around these people - when you are tossing in turning in bed throwing your pump from one side to another or thinking in your head, "I should probably press something so my pump stops vibrating..." someone else there is doing the same thing. Someone else is counting carbs, taking insulin, checking their blood sugar, being asked if they can eat that and most of all someone else out there is feeling exactly how you are feeling. Somewhere out there.


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