Sunday, May 1, 2011

CIM Volleyball!

As soon as our feet hit the sand we were ready to pass around the ball and bring out our skills!  Maybe it was the polka dot attire, but we had no luck in winning any of the games, however; we received endless amounts of compliments about our shirts!  (Which was good enough for teammates - a little more competitive)

But, it wasn't about winning (I say) because for me going to these events is a simple fun reminder that I am not alone in my disease.  When Chloe asked how many people at volleyball had type 1, the hands all stuck straight up in the air, proudly I must say.  No one wanted to be left out - after all it's cool to be type 1 there (anywhere..)  It amazes me that so many type 1s are in a room together and explains why there was a giant silver bowl of Dex Tabs.  I bet the concession stand has never sold so many bottles of diet pop!

There were approximately 100 people at Volleyball some type 1's and some just family and friends. It was great! I could introduce my parents to all the people I talk about (all the time)  Now they have a face to name, when I say things like, "Ugh Nadine would understand..." "Ahh, Imran drinks more Diet Coke than I do!"

Most of all I am proud of my team because they are the best of supporters! It feels good to know I can put together a team for anything in a matter of seconds! The Richardson Family - you are awesome!  Also, I know if Clinton wasn't in playoffs he would have been right by my side!

If only Connected in Motion events happened every day. What a great way to get active, have fun and feel accepted!  I loved every minute of it! I cannot wait to go to Ottawa this weekend!


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