Thursday, May 19, 2011

Team Diabetes

Today I went to a little get together put on by the CDA and Team Diabetes.  I had heard of Team Diabetes before and mostly I recognized the great t-shirts they give out when you complete an event.  I  was asked to tell a little about myself and what I do at this particular gathering.  With only one type 1 there, it was more of a personal conversation I had between the group, unlike the last event which was yes, personal, but a much bigger crowd.

This session was really great because I, myself got a lot of information from the owner of the Runner's Den in Paris as well as Donna from Team Diabetes.  I am really interested in doing an event in Costa Rica in May 2012, I am just figuring out how I could raise a whopping $6100 or so to go.    It would be an incredible trip - so we will see how confident I feel in raising that amount.

The next event that I know of is the Charitable Golf Tournament on July 14th in Burford.  If anyone is interested in golfing let me know - there is a fee.  I would love to see a friend or family member out there on the fairway.


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