Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What You're Dealt

Living with diabetes isn't always easy, but certain things make it 100x easier.  I really wanted to speak last night about support, but after getting choked up I knew that, that was enough to get across how important support means to me.

Diabetes never goes away and I think a lot of people do not understand this. I will never grow out of my diabetes like a pair of running shoes. I won't ever know what it is like to eat a piece of cake without counting carbs and pushing buttons until there is a cure this is my life.  However, although a cure would be fantastic - that is not my focus - it simply cannot be. I have to be focused on what's going on now in my life and most importantly how I am going to manage my diabetes correctly in order to see tomorrow, to see my future, and to make an ever lasting impression.

Diabetes has given me so much beyond a broken pancreas. I often speak about how many friends I have made along the way, but most importantly I have found the best of friends in those who were always my friends.  I cannot stop bragging about how amazing of a best friend I have, Michelle. She absolutely will go out of her way to make me happy and to support me.  I wish that everyone could have such a great friend and hope that most do.

We all can support one another and that is the key to managing diabetes.  We all have to take our medication, but there is more to it. We need one another to share information, to make each other laugh, cry and smile and most importantly to tell each other how important it is to live your life to the fullest no matter what hand you were dealt.


Anyone interested in seeing the video from last night's event visit: 


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  1. That video was pretty moving and you held yourself together quite well! I'd love to do something like that. Well done!