Sunday, May 8, 2011

Click or Call

Every single day we deal with our diabetes whether that is through daily injections, playing with our pump, CGM's, or checking our blood sugar.  At no moment do we 'forget' we have diabetes although we may try to.   However, just because it's a 24/7 disease it some how doesn't consume our life. We are able to keep hanging on and pushing forward to find support, acceptance and most of all motivation.

This past weekend I was lucky enough to go to d-treat in Ottawa. I say 'lucky' because I know a lot of people either cannot afford to attend these events or do not have access to these events. This weekend was full of interesting information and social events that allowed a group of type 1's to vent to one another as well as share tips and tricks about living with diabetes.

For me, I often think you could put a group of type 1's in a room - run no formal events/activities and still have a great inspirational weekend. But, of course we also have a lot to offer in terms of semi-formal guest speakers regarding type 1.  We all in some way like to know what the history and future of diabetes is as well as all the in between things we may worry about.

Personally some of the best moments of the trip were not in the conference rooms; rather, in the lounge or  walking around downtown Ottawa.  Meeting type 1's from America or other provinces in Canada.  Learning about other type 1's experiences in practical every day things.

I shared a room with Meredith and our late night talks till 1:30 a.m were the best because when do you ever have a sleepover with someone who also is checking their blood sugar before bed and understands when you say, "I'm going to turn on the light for a second while I eat these crackers - I'm low" and they respond with, "Oh yeah go ahead!"   without question.

My 'diabetic' friends are people that I can lean on no matter what the situation and they are like my little personal google. If I need to know what it's like to travel with diabetes I can ask, if I need to know what it's like to wear a CGM (Continuos Glucose Monitor) I can ask.

This weekend like all the weekend or days that I may spend with type 1's was amazing and inspiring. Coming back home I am the only diabetic under the roof; however, hundreds of diabetics are just a click or call away.


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