Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Highs and Lows

Yesterday Michelle, Luke and I enjoyed a nice couple hours at the Aspen Club which is only a few minutes away from our condo.  We scored a free one week membership there which is perfect and includes all of the classes.  Since our timing is still a little off we woke up super early (well at least I did) and toured the town a bit before heading to yoga at 10:45.

The gym is unbelievable, but the best part is the locker room. The lockers are made of wood and there is a steam bath, sauna and hot tub.   Yoga was great and a little more difficult than what Michelle and I were used too (it was Luke's first yoga adventure).   It was super peaceful and after Michelle and I wanted to live it up so we put on our robes and flip flops that were supplied and headed for the hot tub.

Before that I had checked my sugar and realized it was 3.4 and I had no symptoms of a low at all.  I had some Dex 4's as well as half a cliff bar and was ready to go at a 7.3 - I knew the hot tub and sauna would lower my blood sugar even more.

After we headed to town for some lunch - which was delicious.    It has been snowing all day in Aspen and the higher we drove up into the mountains the more snow we saw piling up.  It felt like it was a flashback to December.  It is beautiful here and everyone seems to be super healthy - it would be interesting to see the prevalence of type 1 and type 2 diabetes in Aspen.

Later on in the evening my sugar rose to an astonishing 23.4 (it even hurts to type it). I didn't feel high at all and once again didn't show any symptoms (frequent urination, thirst, random laughter)  I treated it and eventually went down.  I forgot to mention that Luke and I went to the grocery store and got 10 bags of candy for $10.00. Yes, I am diabetic, but that doesn't mean I am still not a crazy young person that eats whatever!

I am looking forward to today and to see what more Aspen has to offer.  It is a nice change from home - very low key and comfy.  I am having a great time with the Richardson family and so far my diabetes management has been the same and I haven't noticed anything different really.


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