Monday, January 31, 2011


We hear it all the time, "That's impossible" or "I am only one person - what change can I bring?" and these statements are made all the time about things that are not in anyway stable and can be changed. We seem to think that our ideas are impossible to get out there, but at the same time we say it's a small world isn't it?

Thanks to Chloe Steepe and her gang because they didn't believe that diabetes education was stable. They scooped diabetics right out of there D.E.C chairs and placed them on a sandy volleyball court or a big pile of snow or maybe right in the middle of a giant mud pit.

And with that all these diabetics have a chance to take their little or big ideas of diabetes and put them on the table and make change. Slipstream has allowed diabetics from anywhere and everywhere to feel connected and feel like their ideas are far from impossible.

During Slipstream we had plenty of time to share our ideas of what it is like to be diabetic, what activities or events we are participating in and what we would like to see happen. Listening to everyones ideas was exciting because it widens your concepts, personal ideas and thoughts. From this we learn and then our ideas become even greater.


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