Sunday, January 2, 2011

Isn't Easy

Living or being friends with a diabetic isn't always easy. After all diabetics have their mood swings and sometimes they come without warning. Diabetics will raid your cupboard and fridge and yes, we tend to pick the best thing you have - we just don't settle for something plain we like the chocolate dipped, sugar covered treats you've been saving.

It isn't easy to live or be friends with a diabetic because not only do you have to worry about our general health, but you have to worry about the little extras that diabetes brings. The sugar lows and the highs. Even though most have it controlled - it can slip away from us without a sign and then the responsibility will be left in your hands.

It isn't easy because there is so much knowledge behind diabetes. Even if you think you know it all, we will teach you a new thing every day. However, there are people out there that enjoy living with diabetics and love being friends with them!

Those people are troopers because they are willing to learn and take care of their friends. They put up with the highs and lows and know exactly what to say and do.

I have people just like this in my life. That are constantly asking questions making sure that they know how I feel and what is going on. They personally deserve more credit than I can ever give them.

So if you're diabetic and have people around you that put up with your craziness, moodiness, and unpredictability than give them a giant thank you!


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