Thursday, January 6, 2011

Type Three

There are friends that you see every now and then, friends you see once in a blue moon and friends that you see every other day.

There are friends you share your secrets with, friends you tell your gossip too and friends that you simply just catch up with.

There are friends that have known you forever, friends that you just met and friends that were your friends and weren't your friend and then become your friend again.

All of us have friends that we can lean on, friends we can count on and friends that we can call up with a favour. Even if that friend is related to you by blood or not, that special person is without a doubt a part of your life and even if that relationship ever were to end - they would always be a part of your life.

I have had many different 'best friends' and many different friends in general. Friends I met in elementry school, friends I met at birth, friends that I met at Fanshawe...friends from all walks of life. But, as many people know I have one friend that has been without a doubt the most amazing friend.

Now, everyone that is reading this under the breath probably said, "Michelle," but you're wrong.... hahahaha! Just kidding, you're without a doubt right. Michelle has been an outstanding friend in the past few years that I have known her. She is really a unique person in many different ways and she has been a huge part of my diabetes life.

I do come with instructions - a manual perhaps. I am unlike any friend she probably has ever had. I am always inviting her to crazy events and she is always agreeing to tag along. We inspire one another and encourage each other. We could text and Facebook throughout the entire day and still have a million things to talk about.

This Christmas I gave her something very special. A pump! Okay, so I didn't get her a real pump because she isn't really diabetic - but I gave her a blue Medtronic pump that is actually an alarm clock. It looks exactly like a pump - it's incredible!

This pump is very real looking and beyond that it has a lot of meaning behind it. Michelle is like a 'type three' diabetic. She would never let someone misrepresent diabetes, she is always educating others. She enjoys being around other diabetics and loves learning from them. She is aware of my highs and lows. She's pretty much diabetic!

So, to everyone else, I may have just given her a pump, but I know, and she knows it was given to her for a very special reason. Like a friendship trophy perhaps!


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