Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Everyone has a Story

People have told me that I am inspiring through my dedication to diabetes and outreach to those around me; however, I never understood why I could be so inspiring when this seemed so simple to do. Diabetes was a part of me that could not be changed and writing and participating is my therapy away from insulin.

I am always inspired by others for various reasons, for example: I am inspired by Clinton and his dedication to his hockey - his motivation is one to be inspired by and gives me strength and believing that I can accomplish anything I set my mind too.

It was not until last night did I realize that inspiration does not just come from those who have accomplished a million different things and went public about it; rather, inspiration can come from the basement of a church during an A.A meeting.

Now, the reason I went to this was for a class project in my Form of Addictions class. I will not disclose information about what happened in this meeting; however, I will let you know how this meeting completely inspired me. I took Michelle with me - since I was nervous, but I know that Michelle took away a lot from this meeting as well.

The important thing was that we did not have to be alcoholic to learn and get inspired. The personal challenges that these individuals go through are outstanding and the ways that they cope and find strength or even more amazing.

I learned that you should never give up. You should never stop trying - just keep going. But, most of all I learned to wash away all the stereotypes and stigmas that are placed on these individuals because everyone has a story.


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